The Boulder Chevra Kadisha was established during the summer of 1996 by members of the Jewish Renewal congregation to continue the ancient Jewish traditions of honoring the dead and comforting the mourner.

Chevra members perform tahara, the washing and purification of the body, referred to as the met, in preparation for burial.

The body is then dressed in a simple white cotton or linen suit called tachrichim and put into an unadorned, pine coffin.

Chevra members also perform shemira, a continuous vigil of the met that takes place from death until interment.

The shomer (guard) reads psalms or prayers, while a candle burns continuously at the head of the coffin.

Both tahara and shemira are done in a very respectful and loving way according to Jewish law.

They are meant to help survivors cope with their loss by honoring their loved one with dignity and

to help guide the deceased on this last journey.